Saturday, July 21, 2012

Welcome to Ireland!

I have just come back from the airport where I was very pleased to meet all of the boys as well as Mr Kitamura. They all seemed to be very well and happy after the long journey. They were taken by bus to Malahide where they met their host families at the arranged meeting point. All the boys smiled and shook hands with their hosts. I was very happy to see them do that because it is really important to make a good 1st impression. I was talking to the leader of the group, Tatsuhiko Kakuda, who was in IrelAND last year. I asked him to give us some advice about how to make the most of the trip. He said something that made a real impression on me. His 1st piece of advice was to not be shy. His 2nd piece of advice was to be unafraid of making mistakes. I think he's got it in a nutshell. I get the feeling that this year's group are particularly friendly and I think promises to be a wonderful learning journey for them.

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