Saturday, July 28, 2012

This week Patrick's nephew Benedict, from England, has come to help out. He will be going to Oxford University in September to study Classics. He will be helping the boys everyday with their activities.

We interviewed him for the blog:

TI2012: So Benedict, what do you think of the program so far?

Benedict: Well firstly, from talking to the boys, everyone seems to be very happy with their homestays and the boys are feeling very comfortable. The English classes are particularly good as the students are only allowed to speak English in the classroom. This really encourages the boys to improve on their spoken English and interact with the other kids. Also the weather has been great recently which means the afternoon activities have been a great success. The boys are offered all kinds of things to do; from horse riding to shopping trips in Dublin.

TI2012: How are the boys getting on?

Benedict: It's great to see them meeting new people and making loads of new friends. They play a soccer match every evening against the boys from Spain and they got dancing at the disco on Thursday night.

TI2012: Have you ever been away on a trip like this?

Benedict: Yes, I went on a school trip to South Africa. I was very nervous at first but after a few days I made some really good friends who I am still in touch with today. It's really worth keeping those connections for later in life.

TI2012: What advice would you give to the boys?

Benedict: This is a chance in a lifetime! Make the most of it while you can.

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