Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Tomorrow we will be giving the boys a questionnaire to find out how things are going. We will be asking them about their home stay, their class and their activities and also who they have met so far. During the week all the boys will also be writing a post on the blog so watch this space!



  1. I think it is difficult to hear English for him ,and little shocked・・・isn't it?.

    I look forward to it what do they write .

    Tomoko Kobayashi

  2. Dear Mr. Patrick,
    I'm a mother of Tomohiro Kido.
    Thank you for showing us some interesting pictures.
    I was surprised when I saw a funny(kind of silly) face of my son.
    I'm sure he enjoys homestaying as a big brother for the first time in his life. (He is usually the youngest.)
    Please say hello to his host family for me.
    See you soon!
    Shioko Kido

  3. We are so happy to know Tokai’s boys have safely arrived at Ireland, as seen in the photos. Our son Tomohiro and his friend are smiling, this is just the evidence. We do hope they will enjoy their stay in Ireland and learn culture of Ireland, and Englsh.

    From Takuji Tanaka

  4. Thank you very much for your comments. It's very nice to know that you are supporting the boys! @Kobayashi san It is definitely difficult for them to listen to English at that speed for the first time. They soon get used to it though and that is really one of the best things about them coming here. They overcome that fear of real English and learn strategies for communication even if their English is not such a high level.
    @Kido san THank you for your comment. Tomohiro is such a lively student, always laughing and having fun. He's what we call a 'live wire'!
    @Thanks Tanaka san!