Saturday, August 11, 2012

The boys will leave today. It has been a wonderful time. We will say goodbye to host families and gather at 11:00 for the bus to the airport. It's always a sad parting but I think they will feel so happy to meet their families again. They have been ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!


  1. Thank you, hostfamily!
    Thank you, teachers!
    Thank you, many friends!


  2. Thank you,Patrick Sensei,host family
    and so many ICE staffs.
    I've never seen so nice face of Ryosuke.
    Wonderful experience there must make Tokai Boys
    much bigger.

    Masaki Takashima

  3. Dear Patrick Sensei,
    Thank you so much for all your kindness during the program.
    Now I'm looking forward to listening to a lot of sotories in Ireland from Tomohiro.
    I hope he can keep in touch with his host family and they'll visit Japan and our house someday.
    Please enjoy the rest of the summer vacation with your family!
    Thank you.
    Shioko Kido, Tomohiro's mother